Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tuesday, December 28th

Rain, rain, more rain. Roller ride. 10 minute warmup, 30 minutes at 125+, 30 minutes at 135+, 15 minutes at 145+, 5 minutes at 140+, 5 minutes at 155+, 5 minutes at 140+, 5 minutes at 135+, 5 minutes at 130+. Hardest roller workout yet. Left me a bit drained and dizzy. But the whole thing was done in one gear higher than before -- while still spinning pretty comfortably.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Sunday December 27

Roller Ride 10 Minute warm-up, 30 Minutes 125+, 30 Minutes 135+, 10 Minutes145+, 10 Minutes 140+, 5 Minutes 155+, 5 Minutes 140+, 5 Minutes 135+, 5 Minutes 130+. Heart rate did not come down much after exertions.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tuesday December 21

Winter's solstice ride in good weather with Smilie and Julie. Tunnel Road to Pinehurst, up the flats to Castro Valley, followed by the Three Bears and Wildcat Canyon. 3.25 hours and 50 miles of light tempo work. Smilie has a wattage meter which was pretty good. When he rolls at 250+ and pushes Julie much over 200, that's when the hurt begins.

The A Team

The A Team
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Smilie and Julie are out for three weeks of mid-winter training. Smilie is coaching full time now with a client base of 30, while still continuing to ride as a Cat 1. Julie is doing a PhD in nutrition and communication at Columbia. More vegetarians and anti-fatties....so now I'm really out numbered on my attempt to get Louisiana Hot Links certified as race food.

Monday, December 20, 2004

T Mobile Baby

t mobile gear
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Sasha looks ready to join the T-Mobile team during our recent rendezvous in Pt. Reyes

Rides with Smilie

Saturday December 18

Smilie and Julie arrive from NYC for a three week training stint. We join the boys for the 8.30 Saturday ride. Over to Muir Beach, up to Bolinas, then the ridge ride home. 4+ Hours in absolutely beautiful warm sunshine. 50 miles. Felt good and rested.

Sunday December 19

Recovery ride to Paradise for the group above. I continued on to Pt. Reyes and all the way out to the Elk preserve. Had my legs ridden off of me by a Fairfax rider in the middle part of the ride (he was on his way to Marshal). Good tempo work through Nicasio. Picture perfect conditions for a leisurely tempo ride all the way out to the point. 4+ Hours 60 miles. Felt great.

dusk in the sierras

dusk in the sierras
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Two day getaway to Royal Gorge for some x-country skiing. Probably the only escape of the year. Warm (40s and 50s) conditions with plenty of snow.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tuesday November 14

Roller ride. 10 minute warmup, 30 minutes at 125+, 20 minutes at 135+, 10 minutes at 145+, 10 minutes at 135+, 5 minutes at 155+, 5 minutes at 135+, 10 minute warmdown. Pretty spent!

Monday December 13

Explorator MTB Ride. 3.25 Hours. Behind Berkeley and out to Inspiration point. Light tempo, many stops. Shakedown ride

Sunday, December 12, 2004


About The Tour: A 10 days/ 9 nights bike tour where you start to cycle from Manali and ending at Leh crossing over some very high mountain passes, passing through rugged & picturesque terrain. Remember you would be testing yourself on the World's second highest motorable road where the climb is steep, air thin and it requires great stamina, strength and determination. This tour can be made more interesting & challenging by including Tsomoriri lake. The challenge ends in Leh where you would relax and visit some very old & interesting monasteries.

Highest Altitude gained: Tanglang La 5360 m

Places covered: Manali, Marhi, Rohtang Pass, Gondla, Keylong, Jispa, Darcha, Baralacha La, Sarchu, Naki La, Lachung La, Pang, Tanglang La, Leh

Operational period: 20th June to 30th September

Manali/ Lahaul Valley/ Keylong/ Sarchu/ Pang/ Leh
Day 01: Manali/ Marhi (36 kms)
Day 02: Marhi/ Gondla (56 kms)
Day 03: Gondla/ Jispa (49 kms)
Day 04: Jispa/ Zingzingbar (37 kms)
Day 05: Zingzingbar/ Sarchu (53 kms)
Day 06: Sarchu/ Takh (40 kms)
Day 07: Takh/ Pang (40 kms)
Day 08: Pang/ Rumtse (94 kms)
Day 09: Rumtse/ Upshi (35 kms)
Day 10: Upshi/ Leh (51 kms)


About The Tour: A 17 days/ 16 nights bike tour where you start to cycle from Shimla and ending at Manali traversing through the Tribal regions of Kinnaur & Spiti valley providing unmatched, breathtaking picturesque views of mountains, river, streams, rugged terrain, meeting simple people and viewing old houses & monasteries. While in Spiti valley you would also visit one of the World's highest permanently village, Kibber.

Highest Altitude gained: Kunzam La 4558 m

Places covered: Shimla, Kufri, Fagu, Narkanda, Nirath, Rampur, Sarahan, Wangtoo, Sangla, Kamru, Chitkul, Kalpa, Nako, Tabo, Dhankar, Gungri, Kaza, Ki, Kibber, Losar, Chandertal Lake or moon lake, Kinzam La, Manali

Operational period: 15th June to 30th September

Shimla/ Kinnaur/ Tabo/ Kaza/ Manali
Day 01: Shimla/ Narkanda (75 kms)
Day 02: Narkanda/ Sarahan (90 kms)
Day 03: Sarahan/ Sangla (80 kms)
Day 04: Sangla - explore Sangla valley & Chitkul village
Day 05: Sangla/ Kalpa (51 kms)
Day 06: Kalpa - explore surrounding areas
Day 07: Kalpa/ Nako (122 kms)
Day 08: Nako/ Tabo (69 kms)
Day 09: Tabo/ Dhankar/ Sichling (38 kms)
Day 10: Sichling/ Pin Valley (20 kms)
Day 11: Pin Valley/ Kaza (36 kms)
Day 12: Kaza - Ki monastery & Kibber village
Day 13: Kaza - Hikim & Comic villages
Day 14: Kaza/ Losar (58 kms)
Day 15: Losar/ Kunzam La/ Chandertal Lake (34 kms)
Day 16: Chandertal/ Chatru (50 kms)
Day 17: Chatru/ Manali (81 kms)

2nd Week of December

Back on the bike after a break. Two abbreviated roller rides of an hour. Half at 125 bpm and half at 135. Friday did Tunnel Road to Happy Valley to Three Bears and Wildcat (about 55 miles). Saturday with the boys out to Muir Beach and up Stinson, where Alan put the hammer down pegging me in the high 150s for the second half of the climb....leaving me to blow on the final corner. Need to be able to stick in the high 150s for 15 minutes in order to survive race conditions (I believe). Still a good ways off from that.

Smilie arrives at the end of the week for three weeks of training. Yikes!