Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sasha on Top and Liking It

Turkey Treats at Disneyland

Turkey Treats at Disneyland

Sasha and Ringo

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ms. Landucci at the Park

Aggressive Birds in Queenstown

Lens Favorite: Pig Hunter Magazine

Last Day in NZ (Littleton)

Denise & Greg At Sunset

Clouds Over Mt. Cook


Icebergs En Route to Mt. Cook

Girl in Black on Suspension Bridge

Glaciers on Mt. Cook

Greg and Denise at the base of the hike

NZ Hiker Dad and Happy Son

Thursday, March 11, 2010

NZ Wildflowers

I Gotta Get One of These

Hacky Sack

Lost But Pretending Otherwise

Geeky Girl on a Hike Near Queenstown

Kiwi and Its Egg

the largest egg relative to weight of the bird laying it

Kiwi Bird Tribute

Van Art in Queenstown

Queenstown Docks and Swimming

From Our House in Queenstown

40 Million Sheep Can't Be Wrong

NZ Diet Food (Not): Lemmingtons

Denise Hits the Rotorua Trails

Train Ride Home From Rugby 7's

Train Ride Home From Rugby 7's

Train Ride Home From Rugby 7's

MidNight Express 20 Years Later on Cuba Street

MidNight Express much the same as it was 20 years ago when the foundations of Dispatch Management Services Corp were laid just above this cafe on Cuba Street Wellington.

Last Minute Free Tickets Get Greg & Denise into Sold Out Rugby 7's

Avatar Knock-Offs at Wellington Rugby 7's

NZ Beer Holder at the Rugby 7's

One of the Better Looking Ladies at the Wellington Rugby 7's

One of the (Stoned) Fans at the Wellington Rugby 7's

Gonna Be a Hangover the Next Day

Wellington Beauty on a Bit Too Much Sauce

Train from the Wellington Rugby 7s

Tom Finlay (Founder of Office Express) Rendezvous

Fat Finlay seems to have lost a few pounds and is tearing up the NZ racing circuit again. He and Pat joined us for a reunion of the Office Express days in Wellington.

At the Train Station En Route to Rugby 7's in Wellington

Not the Bikes I Rode for the Race

Pete's Cat With the Amazingly Big Butt

Arriving at Pete's Pad in the Lower Hutt

Gilbert All Cleaned Up

Pete Collecting His Hana Prize

Denise: Chief of Support Throughout the Wildside

Wombat Attack in Tasmania!

Erik Eating Everything Not Bolted to the Table

At Race End