Sunday, January 30, 2005

New Training Regime

Saturday January 29th

In keeping with the new focus on training at a sustainable level, I tried to keep my heartbeat under 125 bpm on the Saturday ride out to Marin. I thought that would be easy -- but ouch, I still beat myself up by using up so much energy that I almost bonked after four hours in the saddle. This, mostly because I've been off the bike while traveling. Fortunately, I did not bonk and got myself a chicken salad sandwich and some salty Fritos during our chow break. I did recover -- but just. About 70 miles in beautiful, sunny 50s, later January weather. What a chage from the east coast snow drifts of DC, Boston, and NYC the week before! Alan, Craig, and Christine in attendance -- all helping me ride at a sustainable pace.

Sunday January 30th

Just a quick jaunt on the Redwoods mountain biking loop. Beautiful warm sun (low 60s) allowed me to ride in shorts. I'm sure that my heart rate was well out of sustainable range. Big climb up and then muddy conditions forced extra work. 2 hours all in.

George W.M.D Bush

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Politics in the local neighborhood

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sistas and Grom

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Sista reunion in Virginia -- grom included.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Short Rides

Now that Jimbo is gone and the garage is chopped, I've got time for short rides. Friday I did one loop of Redwood (had to drive there rather than ride). Muddy conditions made it a chore! On Sunday I did a two hour roller ride without the heart rate monitor. Definitely lost some top end fitness over the week. Today (Tuesday), did a one hour loop at Boy Scout Camp before running out of time. All pretty lame rides. But my motivation is building as I know Transalp is coming.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Transalp Challenge is On!

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Pete and I are in! Here's the route for 2005. All the way from Germany, through Austria, Finishing on the sea in Italy.

stage kilometres / metres altitude
1. Mittenwald - Mayrhofen, 16th of July 2005 111,74 km, 2.186 m alt.
2. Mayrhofen - Neukirchen, , 17th of July 2005 100,52 km, 3.522 m alt.
3. Neukirchen - Lienz, 18th of July 2005 103,43 km, 3.295 m alt.
4. Lienz - Sexten, 19th of July 2005 74,94 km, 3.498 m alt.
5. Sexten - St. Virgil, 20th of July 2005 90,27 km, 2.868 m alt.
6. St. Virgil - Alleghe, 21st of July 2005 68,94 km, 2.738 m alt.
7. Alleghe - Belluno, 22nd of July 2005 70,70 km, 2.570 m alt.
8. Belluno - Jesolo, 23rd of July 2005 120,42 km, 1.835 m alt.

Total: 740,258 km, 22.512 m alt.
(Stand: 10.01.2005)

Garage Chop

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We've chopped 5 feet out of the back of the garage to make room for the bathroom for the new cottage. Jimbo in charge of quality control.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

More Roofing

More Roofing
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The garage has several layers of decaying roofing. My job: rip it all off as per Jimbo's instructions.

Jimbo: Man with a Plan

Jimbo at Work
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Jimbo sizes up the garage project.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jimbo Arrives

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Rebuilding the garage is on tap. Jimbo already told me I knocked down the wrong part. Oh well.

Boy Scout Single Track

Boy Scout Single Track
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Carrie, a veteran of the Transalp in 2004 and other 24 hour races, shows me the ropes on the 12 mile Boy Scout camp single track. Pretty mellow section here -- unlike other stretches. This is probably the best (legal) single track available in the Bay area. Carrie has got skills and I was doing my best to keep up on our 2 hour jaunt.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Map of Tamarancho

Map of Tamarancho
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Map of the Boy Scout single track mountain biking trails that I rode on with Carrie on Thursday

Tuesday January 4th

Roller ride repeat of Wednesday. Really tough getting through those high bpm.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Sunday, January 2 Roller Ride

roller ride
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10 minute warmup, 30 min at 125+, 30 at 135+, 15 at 145+, 5 at 140+, 5 at 155+, 5 at 140+, 5 at 135+, 5 at 130+. Better heart rate fall off when I backed off the harder drills. First easy run today. Rain is still falling all day through.

Saturday, January 01, 2005


The Transalp is held from July 16th-July 23rd of 2005!

From the foot of the mountaineous karwendel in Mittenwald Germany, the adidas BIKE Transalp Challenge will have 8 hard stages that eventually lead you directly to the beaches of the italian adriatic. Jesolo Italy, a vivid seaside resort nearby Venezia, will become the official final of the Transalp for the first time.

The last stage will end directly on the beach. A few steps after the finish line you�ll find the adriatic sea, where you may indulge into the waves with or without your bike. The stages:

1. Stage Mittenwald/D - Mayrhofen/A Saturday, 2005, 16th July

2. Stage Mayrhofen - Neukirchen/A Sunday, 2005, 17th July

3. Stage Neukirchen - Lienz/A Monday, 2005, 18th July

4. Stage Lienz - Sexten/I Tuesday, 2005, 19th July

5. Stage Sexten - St. Vigil/I Wednesday, 2005, 20th July

6. Stage St. Vigil - Alleghe/I Thursday, 2005, 21st July

7. Stage Alleghe - Belluno/I Friday, 2005, 22nd July

8. Stage Belluno - Jesolo/I Saturday, 2005, 23rd July

The length, the profiles and all information about our beautiful and scenic stage hosts, you�ll either find in the BIKE-Magazin 2/2005 or via the internet

Coach Smilie in Town

Coach Smilie
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Smilie is out with his wife Julia for three weeks of early season training. He's running his coaching biz full time. We did Pt. Reyes yesterday inbetween the rains. It easy to see where Craig gets his nickname from -- always happy when others are suffering more than he!

Smilie currently hold the New York city time trial record

Friday December 31st

Pt. Reyes ride with Smilie. 85+ miles, moderate tempo for most of the way, with a step up at the end. Smilie had his wattage wheel on and set out for us to churn out an average of 220 watts and a 120+ heartrate over 5 hours. Easy ride out due to southerly wind. Light suffering on the return and then saddle started slipping as we came down the coast past Bolinas. Ouch -- required climbing out of the saddle until we reached Muir for some tools. Smilie burned me off the back on the rise out of Muir up to the cross to Mill Valley. I came off about a quarter of the way up as he ran the clip at 320 wattage. We missed the cold rains -- just! Needed a full rest day to recover. Felt quite worked at the end but not wasted.

New Years Eve at the Barrel

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Chris and Laura hosted a gift exchange. Laura in red running the show. Many good (and a few naughty) gifts.