Sunday, January 30, 2005

New Training Regime

Saturday January 29th

In keeping with the new focus on training at a sustainable level, I tried to keep my heartbeat under 125 bpm on the Saturday ride out to Marin. I thought that would be easy -- but ouch, I still beat myself up by using up so much energy that I almost bonked after four hours in the saddle. This, mostly because I've been off the bike while traveling. Fortunately, I did not bonk and got myself a chicken salad sandwich and some salty Fritos during our chow break. I did recover -- but just. About 70 miles in beautiful, sunny 50s, later January weather. What a chage from the east coast snow drifts of DC, Boston, and NYC the week before! Alan, Craig, and Christine in attendance -- all helping me ride at a sustainable pace.

Sunday January 30th

Just a quick jaunt on the Redwoods mountain biking loop. Beautiful warm sun (low 60s) allowed me to ride in shorts. I'm sure that my heart rate was well out of sustainable range. Big climb up and then muddy conditions forced extra work. 2 hours all in.


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