Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Appreciative Audience and Cast

Ila and Sasha's Snail & Slug Arrangement

Home Depot Crew

A Girl and Her Dada

Buddha Arrives on the Scene

Sasha Snaps the Photo

Love! Buddha's Parents En Route to Conception

Cleaning Up After An Elephant Dump!

Ila Almost 5 Years Old and All Grown Up

Buddha BDay Party Attendeez

Flowers for Buddha

The Cast for Buddha's BDay Story

Enjoying Buddha's BDay Party

Buddha's BDay Party at the Zen Center

Spring Lettuce Green and Red at the Barrel

Succulent Blooms at the Barrel

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Winning Teams at Startup Vilnius

Greg Kidd Summarizing His Key Note

Startup Nation

Andrius Kubilius, Prime Minister of Lithuania, addresses the audience at Startup Monthly Conference

Prepping for chat with the Charlie Rose Of Lithuanian TV

Drug Store Offerings in Vilnius

Drug Store Offerings in Vilnius

Feedback for Leading Contender at Startup Vilnius

Lithuania: Startup Nation 20 Years Ago

First country to break away from the old Soviet Union

Zeppelins: Favored dish of Lithuania

very tasty potato-based dumpling with bacon bits. Yum yum!

Monique Barbanson, David Weekly, and Greg Kidd as Panelists

David Weekly and Greg Kidd at Startup Monthly Vilnius

Judging the entries....

Hip Hop Video in Vilnius Lithuania

Order today and get a kit that helps you be hip hop savvy. A good perspective on Lithuanian's view of American hip hop culture

Konstantin: Our Rooftop Tour Guide

of real life in St. Petersburg

Soviet RV


Immaculate Caviar

Seriously Delicious St. Petersburg Baked Goods

Five Russians Painting a Lamp Post

All dressed in Anti-Nuke gear

Frumpy Russian Babby at the Galleries

Sleepy Russians at the Airport

Hard to Resist a Monkey

Padded Doors in St. Petersburg

Shoes: St. Petersburg

Piranha in St. Petersburg Zoo

Public Splendor in Downtown St. Petersburg

Azerbaijan Tasty Vegable Servings

Azerbaijan Menu

St. Petersburg Apartment Wiring

Everything Big in Russia!

Replacement Hat

While on tour in St. Petersburg

Going to the dogs at Hermitage in St. Petersburg

Moscow Monthly Crew

With Nathan Gold, Nathan Gold, Irina Lozhkina, Sergey Toporov, Tatiana Fedorova, Greg Kidd, Greg Kidd, Anna Vasenkova, Vadim Slavin and Vitaly Polekhin.

Top Startups from Moscow Competition

Hosted by Startup Monthly. TY Yuri and Vadim

Insights vs. Ideas at Moscow Startup Monthly Weekend

Digital October Across from Red Square

Yummy Uzbekistan Soup

Irina and Denise in Moscow Coffee Shop