Monday, December 20, 2004

Rides with Smilie

Saturday December 18

Smilie and Julie arrive from NYC for a three week training stint. We join the boys for the 8.30 Saturday ride. Over to Muir Beach, up to Bolinas, then the ridge ride home. 4+ Hours in absolutely beautiful warm sunshine. 50 miles. Felt good and rested.

Sunday December 19

Recovery ride to Paradise for the group above. I continued on to Pt. Reyes and all the way out to the Elk preserve. Had my legs ridden off of me by a Fairfax rider in the middle part of the ride (he was on his way to Marshal). Good tempo work through Nicasio. Picture perfect conditions for a leisurely tempo ride all the way out to the point. 4+ Hours 60 miles. Felt great.


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