Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Big Grind

Today is the third day of a three day step-up in my training schedule. I knew today was going to be a grind -- particularly so since I expected bad weather and arranged to do the entire 3-hour session on the turbo trainer (no breaks for downhills). Had two 30-minute lactate threshold sessions. But the hardest part was just getting started and getting my heartrate up to even the minimum tempo level. I had to back off, down some powerbars, and then reramp up. Three hours on the trainer is an eternity. I've done it once before, but not with the lactate sessions. Anyways, its over, and because tomorrow is a gym day....its almost a rest. Whew! That just leaves two long tempo rides this weekend and I get a shorter week to follow. I need it as I'm living with sore legs.

Started watching the Deadwood series tonight upon recommendation by Rob. Hope to see the Russian thriller Night Watch this Sunday with the gang. Vicki, Fernando, Rob, and Jack have all been invited.....along with Shamit and Eva as well. Hoping to see Running Scared on Thursday night. Am sharing around Netflix recommendations as well.

Life is more flexible now as I'm working from home given that Konrad has been on the road in Asia and now Melbourne. Next week should be flexible as well.

Looks like Pete and Emily are coming back from Sri Lanka for a bunch of weeks in June, and we'll head up to join them for weekend at some "camp"(obviously near some of Pete's favorite mountain biking routes). This Pete (not Pete Gilbert) works for AFL-CIO helping to organize labor unions and their ties to the U.S. in Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan. I'm hoping one day to attempt the Manali - Leh trip over the two highest motorable passes in the world. So we keep in touch. Their baby and Sasha were born a week apart....and Emily is pregnant yet again!

Enought for now!


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