Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Getting Worn Down

Today I did another one of the hard 2 hour roller rides, with two 30 minute drills at lactate threshold. I started "tired" and worked my way into it. I knew how to get through the drills, but clearly am feeling a bit of chronic fatigue. My weight is also dropping -- down to 70.7 kg at the end of this ride (dangerously close to the 155lb level I equate with peak fitness and being on the verge of overtraining and getting ill). Methinks that I'm on the edge. I hope I can make it to weeks end and enjoy the lighter load in my schedule next week.

Worked with Vicki today on my reporting pack for work. We dined upscale and recounted histories of the world. She gave me a good insight on people's feelings (all over the map) in Korea re: the continuing U.S. presence in the face of the North Korean threat.

Also saw another Herzog film today. Depressing! Can't recommend! I could only endure because I was riding the rollers. It did star my favorite actor from the wonderful film on Kasper Hauser -- about a lad who has been kept in a cellar all his life with no contact from civilization....and is then suddenly release. Ouch, civilization is hard on such buds.....


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