Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sore Legs

Slept in late this morning due to fatigue. Ate a big breakfast (all sorts of excesses) to try to fortify for the three hour tempo ride. Turned out to be a slog due to sore legs. On the road bike over all the hills: Tunnel Road, Pinehurst, 3 Bears, San Pablo Dam, and Wildcat. Took just over 3 hours of slogging.

Never made it to the office today. Am starting to spec the new Reporting Engine with Erik, as well as working through server options for Jetset to host its dNet software. Looking for an option that will work for Pete from New Zealand.

I've got Sasha tonight and will post some photos on the Sasha blog.

Really dreading tomorrow's three hour ride at up-tempo with two 30-minute lactate thresh-hold sections. Its gonna be ugly on multiple fronts. Fortunately, the training eases off next week....but alas, we are quite entrenched in this week for now.


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