Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday November 17

Repeat of Tuesday 1.45 Hour, 28 Mile loop on Tunnel Road, Pinehurs and Skyline. Same crew. I've been nervous on descents, not really trusting my new tires and wheels. I'm afraid to really lean in aggressively -- especially with all the mixed dry/wet patches. Today it was warm in the sun, but with a lot of humidity that could create set spots even though there's been no rain for a couple of days. Pinehurst had all the usual pine needles and fallen leaves. Five us on the descent with me in the number four position and feeling at the edge, with even a small wheel slip in one corner. Made me wonder how the boys ahead were keeping upright. Sure enough, the most aggresive descender dumped it on the last (and dry) corner. Sparks flew -- but no serious injury or damage. Everyone else admitted that they had slipped on various corners as well. Goes to show that a group can mutually entice one another into an unsustainable descent pace. I can see that I'm going to dump it on these wheels sooner or later. We had several other close calls (debris, cars on the line, bad lines) before the ride was over and done. Its good that I'm riding with these more experienced guys (two of them with European road racing experience). Brennon is cool and strong. Found that his Ultimate team also played in the national championships.

Played Ultimate at Pixar studios for the first time out here. I was so nervous that I dropped a view easy passes. Much better on the defense, or trying to catch a tough pass than an easy one. Will be sore tomorrow! Great new sport for me. Fernando is excellent on offense and defense. Good to learn from.


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