Saturday, March 25, 2006

Still No Sign of Spring

Every time we get a patch of sun, the rain and the wind returns. No spring yet. Out for 5 hours today (the first 2.5 with Carrie) on the mountain bike -- slogging in the Marin headlands. Not feeling sharp, but do feel like I can grind out the climbs and kilometers. Carrie is looking on form. She rode short today as she's got a 2-up time trial tomorrow in the Berkeley hills.

Meeting with all sorts of folks to review their doings and business plans. Bart working on a cell phone deal for visitors from Japan; Rajesh (Karen's husband) working on a research and reporting outsourcing gig with the work being done in India. And Doug (my old chief legal officer), still the nominal CEO over Dotcast -- which has no operations now but just licensing income from selling their high bandwidth technology for entertainment downloads to Intel, Cisco, and Disney.

Getting things organized here. Rebecca arrives tomorrow and then Nani on Monday. Loooking forward to getting everyone together for a Thursday movie -- possibly "Inside Man."


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