Sunday, March 19, 2006

Road Racing in Zamora

Our in the desolate patch between SF and Sacramento is the highway 505 connector -- which passes through the green, but otherwise barren hills of Zamora. The winds whip through here leaving no protection for road bikers. On top of this, today's 40 mile race was a 1-2-3-4, meaning all the top riders would be here to rip things up.

And rip them up they did. All the horsepower moved to the front, and the back of the pack was just a world of hurt, with everyone scattered in the gutter. The string broke early and a bunch of small groups formed. Further back were the "slow and the stupid" and that included me. Fortunately, with lots of company, we got a helluva a workout chasing for 35 miles. Americans do not know how to ride an echelon. As a result, even when we were reduced to 10 riders, we still managed to mostly ride in the gutter.

I actually felt pretty good in terms of being able to turn the pedals (given yesterday's 4.5 hours of riding). But boy -- I was quite dehydrated by the time I got home. The ride really kicked my ass.

Barely had enough energy to dig some ditches back in rockridge.

Did get the video conferencing going with Erik -- important as we've got a heap of work to do this week....


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