Thursday, March 16, 2006

Poker in Petaluma

On Tuesday night I headed up to the redneck Sonoma town of Petaluma (less than 50 miles from SF) with Bill Haraf -- who's played a number of times before here. $50 gets you into the tournament, with $40 of that going to the cash prize pot to be distributed amongst the top 10 players who make it to the final table. I won the first sizable pot, coasted for a while, then went all in on a pair of 9s. Unfortunately, I got caught out by a player who made a straight on the river (last card) and that knocked me out. Bill got knocked out almost in the same way (on a pair of 10s) -- but much further into the competition.

Lots of good old boyz spending their entitlements check from the government. Some good old "hard" ladies plying the booze and adding atmosphere. There were about 70+ people in the tournament. I loved the action. Timing is wrong for me now, given my commitment to cycling....but I definitely see this as a vice to pursue in my dotage.

The riding continues on with my first 45 minute lactate threshold session done on Tuesday. More of the same today.

Zooming along on my project. The team and scope is growing. We'll have a web site up soon for all this.

Bought a huge used hot tub for $200 and it has appeared at Colby St. Dern, the thing looks as big as the whole house.


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