Friday, March 10, 2006

Lots of Balls in the Air

Today was a mix of work re: at the office, plans for the Barrel, dNet, and having some fun visiting MOMA with the gang, and seeing the movie "Running Scared" -- a hyper-violent on-the-go mob movie which I enjoyed.

Finally am feeling more rested with the shorter ride schedule this week. Feeling the freshness coming back to my legs. Considering doing a 100km road race this weekend, that will include category 1,2,3 riders in addition to my rating as a 4. That should be a reality wake up call. Its all the way to Fresno though.

Sasha is feeling better -- thank goodness. May get some decent sleep as a result.

Finally received the planting plan for the Barrel. Trees galore and a depiction of our hoped for driveway (i.e. trail for now). We'll see. This will take years to pull off I'm sure....


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