Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wellington NZ Arrival

I scooted out of Melbourne on the evening flight, arriving in Wellington just before midnight local time. I started looking at hotels just before I left -- and derned if everything in the city wasn't sold out. That NEVER happens in sleepy Wellington. Never unless a world yacht race is in town -- which just happens to be the case tonight. So I had to despertately email Pete from my Blackberry to beg for his couch in Koro Koro. Thankfully, the good lad got the message and was there at the airport to save my butt.

Here's info on the sailing race -- good pics of the harbor:

Its a beautiful night here in Wellington. Temp is comfortably in the 60s -- very SFish. Wipy clouds and a full moon. The place has a raw sense about it, which always makes me feel on the edge of the world.

Finished my History of England on the way over. I think I can now decently differentiate between the Whigs and the Torries. I'll now endeavor to read another (less slanted) history covering the same period just to get perspective that is not so biased as Macaulay.

Its been 5 years since I've been back to Wellington. This place feels a lot like home to me. It was a bit painful to drive by my old house up at the top of the cable car run at 302 Oriental Parade. The place looks like it has gotten some love. I'll try to loop by in on my warmup ride tomorrow for the big Karapoti race on Saturday.

Thaz the news...1:20 am here now so I better get some sleep.....


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