Saturday, February 04, 2006

Skeggs Point

Took Gordon and Jeffra to Skeggs Point today -- a well known mountain biking spot on the Penninsula. We met Carrie and a friend of hers there who is an iron-man training partner and headed in. There's been a lot of rain, so these alternately steep and twisty trails were slick. The terrain was a bit much for Jeffra, who's riding my squirrely Specialized, so she and Gordon bailed early. We went out for another lap. No big tumbles today.

I dropped the Moots off for a big pre-Karapoti race overhaul, and the boyz at Monte Velo gave me a loaner -- an aluminum full suspension disc-brake machine. Much more of a true downhill bike, so I look forward to giving this a go in the Marin headlands tomorrow. That will be my last true training day before I hit the road for Mexico and Aussie.


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