Thursday, November 06, 2008

The SMART Train Resolution Passed!

That means $91 million in spending for bike lanes in Marin -- hooray!

1. Measure Q: SMART Train and Pathway Victory!

Yes on Q CampaignersOn Tuesday, November 4, Measure Q passed with a 69.5% district-wide (Sonoma and Marin counties) victory for the SMART Train and Pathway!

After more than 10 years of hard work by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, Marin County voters passed Measure Q with 62.6% voting yes, a 5 percentage point increase over the 2006 vote. Sonoma County voters passed SMART with 73.5% voting yes.

The SMART train will be running in five years and includes the creation of 70 miles of bicycle/pedestrian pathways and lanes. The SMART train will have 14 stops and 9 bus shuttle routes to ensure connectivity to surrounding residential and business communities.

The MCBC expresses our deepest gratitude to the many people that helped get Measure Q passed. In particular, we wish to thank Campaign Co-Chairs Cynthia Murray, Steve Birdlebough and Marge Macris for their exceptional leadership, Bonnie Moss of Tramutola for her superb strategy, Ben Lowe for his volunteer coordination in Marin, and Denny Rosatti from Sonoma County Conservation Action who led a strong campaign in Sonoma County and strongly supported our efforts here in Marin. We also express our thanks for the tenacity and careful planning of the SMART District, including Lillian Hames and her staff, and to the SMART Board of Directors, including President Charles McGlashan, for their visionary leadership and for fully funding the $91 million pathway in Measure Q.

We also thank the countless donors, large and small, that helped fund this campaign. And finally, we thank the hundreds of volunteers that tabled, installed yard signs, phone banked, wrote letters, attended meetings, and helped with a multitudes of other tasks. Please know that all of you are supporting visionary, green transportation solutions for Marin and Sonoma counties. The transportation transformation is happening!

To stay abreast of the next steps that the SMART District will be taking, or to learn more about specific elements of the SMART train and pathway, please visit the SMART website.


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