Wednesday, August 22, 2007

From My Friend Kathryn on Her Return to DC from Africa

Seven things I love about home after seven days:

1. The rain falls on the road, flows into the gutter, and goes on down
the street drain to the Atlantic Ocean. Soooo tidy.

2. No one blinks when I run the mile to Starbucks and drip sweat onto
my iced grande latte. And I am wearing shorts.

3. All the movies are on Fandango. Hey, there ARE movies.

4. Target has everything. Except dust, flies, barter, and tiny cups
of dangerous coffee. Plus, you can go there in shorts.

5. My 1991 Honda Civic goes vroooom, anywhere I want.

6. All the men wear pants. Or shorts.

7. Shorts.


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