Sunday, August 05, 2007

From My Friend Kathryn in Darfur

Ten ways you know you really, really don't want to be on the flight, as I learned in my week in working through Darfur. love k

1. Your vehicle bumps a goat as you pull up to the airport "terminal."

2. Your feet leave the ground in the crush at check-in counter.

3. The greeter at the bottom of the stairs says, No knife? no gun?

4. The stewardess sprays cologne down the aisle after boarding the passengers.

5. The pilot AND the co-pilot are Russian.

6. The co-pilot puts his hands on top of the pilot's hands on take-off, to stop them shaking.

7. You recline in your seat to keep your head from touching the ceiling.

8. Your plane is flying faster than the helicopter below you. But not much faster.

9. Someone starts chanting "God is great" over the public address system.

10. Looking down you see that the arrival runway is gravel. But it rained last night.


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