Friday, March 02, 2007

Ode from the new Barrel Tenants

Ode to Starbuck Playhouse

Our decision to acquiesce to
The rhythm of the moonrise
And the sunset
The in tide
And the out
The star shine
Through single paned windows

We have decided to let
Our chests lay bare
To your poetry
As seen in the midst
Of the Mamma hills
Your bosom
And your rocky crags
Your ancient airy redwood

We have decided to
The convenient way
The faster road
The square edges of smooth perfect carpet and straight narrow stairs
Instead we caress
Your jags, curves, sags and divots
They are – you
We bend our minds down
We know
We sense
You have a lesson to teach us
About rhythm
That you and you alone
At this time provide us
A shelter that keeps us warm and safe
But not separated from the mamma herself
Rather- held
In the midst of her misty breath
Her wisdom
To live our lives as poetry
With the Kingdom of God
In our hearts


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