Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Time to Start in Again

A little bird told me that I need to get back on track with keeping my blog up to date. And so here we go. I wrote to Smilie laying out a set of goals for next year on the bike: culminating in TransRockies in August. I hope to down some of the one day national marathon series before then as a warmup. I've already started a gym routine and a little bit of intensity work on the bike, but I'm waiting for my full schedule from Smilie. I'm hoping my partner gal Carrie will be able to join me as she was the match of me last year in South Africa.

Off for five days to visit the fam in CT. Dad's been ailing and will have a minor operation soon that will hopefully bring some relief.

Major work keeps rolling along at the Barrel. The retaining wall is up and in place as of yesterday. So the foundations are begining to take shape for the mudroom. Hopefully the rest will be down soon as rains are a-coming and we want to be out of the mud for the main construction of the decks. Its all go out there.

Zoom zoom.


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