Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trying to Ramp Back Up

Dunno if its the antibiotics or because I'm an old man -- but its sure tough getting back on the bike after a week off for this staph infection. Did 70 retatively easy miles on Saturday and it knocked me back pretty good. Jun and Alan did all the work and I just sat in for the ride out to Lucas Valley road (home of the Star War movies)....but it still took the stuffings out of me. Jun has been on a good intense training program himself and its clearly paying dividends as our positions are reversed from six months ago. I'm just limping along. I actually get better further into the ride....but then Sunday was a slammer again as Brent was now sticking it to my tired lets as we practiced orienteering for our Adventure race next Sunday. Yikes!

Hope its just the antibiotics holding me down a notch.


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