Monday, July 31, 2006

Back on the Bike

Finally getting back on the bike:

- Tuesday: a first get acquainted ride after the horrendous Europe travel. Just up tunnel road and along the Oakland ridge before dropping back down and by the shop
- Wednesday: rest
- Thursday: Road ride up Tunnel, down Pinehurst and back up Wildcat -- the standard route
- Friday: 3 hours with Brent on the MTBs around Mt Tam. 5000' of climbing with some good grunts. Finished just as darkness closed in. Found some good new (illegal) single track. Mountain Home, the Ranger Station, Muir Beach, and Coyote Ridge
- Saturday: 4 hours with the boyz (and Reeta) on Nicasio. Got a bit chewed up as Jun was feeling frisky and made us suffer a bit
- Sunday: Hualed Sasha and all her gear to the Berkeley kite festival. More of a workout than one would think!


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