Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back on the Bike

Finally, am back on the bike. Did the normal Saturday ride leaving from the Golden Gate Bridge at 8.30am. Jun and Allan were not there -- I think this may be Jun's century weekend in Colorado. But Rich, Craig, Reeta, and crew were. As we rolled up Corte Madera, we rolled by Smilie and Julie who were stopped on the side of the road. As Smilie is my coach and I'd like to get back on the program, I switched groups and road with him. He towed us all the way up to Pt Reyes -- and looked pretty flash in his full Navigators kit.

My heartrate was zooming (in the 150s) without much power to show for it. But at least I'm now rested enough and well enough so that I can get the heart rate up. I take that to mean that I'm fully recovered from South Africa and my staph infection.

Selling the Moots now -- tired of chain breaks. Will miss the frame but not the drive chain. Committed to the Trek Fuel now.


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