Sunday, June 25, 2006

Moots Back Up to Its Old Tricks

Three hour drive up to the Sierra foothills to join Pete Castelli for an favored ride of his near Malakoff Diggins State Park. Mostly moderate to somewhat technical single track along a river bank with some good views (and drop-offs). Damned if that Moots (which Pete was riding) didn't start playing up again -- two broken chains, and then I switched bikes with him to take over the lame Moots, broke the chain once more and turned the bike into a single speed for the last 10 miles. Urgh. That bike is cursed. I've never seen chains get eaten that way. I'm going to have to swap the drive chain out on the bike or just plain well give up on it. Can't keep risk getting stranded. On this ride, we were lucky to get out before dark or we would have been on a real death march given the exposure on the ride.

I am finally well. No lingering sickness. And the ride was fun, despite the ordeal. The new Trek Fuel is sweet -- even if I only got to ride it for half the ride. I'll be back.


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