Saturday, April 15, 2006

Over Africa

Lufthansa has inflight wireless internet service -- so i get to post en route now to Capetown. Already met one other couple on their way to the race. Guy from Belgium and a gal from Switzerland -- both living in Japan of all places. They are keen.

Glad that I'm only passing through Germany. It was grey and wet and... full of Germans....! I must be in or going to Germany when I get to the flight and 40 minutes before its departure everyone is already sitting in their seats in a well ordered fashion. They aren't totally dull though as there are two zippy lesbians seated one row back from me that can't seem to keep their hands off of one another. Methins its just wake up time for them right now from the way they are carrying on.

Meanwhile I'm left to simply plow through my reading for the flight -- a second history of England. This one starts from all the way back with the Romans. We've now had the Romans in charge, then the Vikings/Danes, and now I'm deep into the Norman Conquest. I (mistakenly) was unaware that the Brits were the "colonies" to others for most of a 1,000 year stretch -- before they got the hang of it themselves.


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