Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Smilie's Thursday Ride with Lost Rider on 9W in NYC

Smilie, my coach for the Transalp is out for a few days. We rode on Sunday. A butt kicking for me as we did Alpine in perfect weather (in reverse -- straight up 2000' and then down the beach and over the humps at Muir Beach). Along the way, he told me a good story.

On Thursday, he was out doing the usual escape from NYC ride over the George Washington Bridge and up 9w. All locals know this is the best escape route from the city and into the hills. En route, Smilie encountered a slightly disoriented rider in blue garb. Figuring this solo chap was a lost out of towner he offered (as a good Kiwi) to show the lad the way out to the hills. The lad turned out to be Lance Armstrong (in NYC to do a promo), just back from the Tour of Flanders and in preparation for the Tour of Georgia (that other little race he won last year). Smilie and Lance did the full ride up to Nyack and back -- just the two of them. I sure hope the Kiwi went easy on the Texan.....


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